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MĀLAMA KEKAHI I KEKAHI - Take care of one another!
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Class Rules

Grade 3 Rules and Expectations

My behavior expectations for Grade 3 is that all students are Respectful, Responsible and Safe. These three attributes are reinforced daily as children interact collaboratively with one another during the school day as they work towards meeting their learning targets.
In order to promote and encourage a safe and positive learning environment, students are given positive reinforcement through earning points for their teams. At the end of each week, team points are calculated, and tickets are given to each student based on the amount of points their team earned during the week. Student will be given additional tickets for having completed their homework assignments. Tickets can then be redeemed twice a month to purchase items in our class store.

While I try hard to reinforce positive learning behaviors, it is sometimes necessary for students to complete a “Behavior Map” in order for them to reflect on their behavior. Should your student come home with a behavior map, please review, sign, and have them return it to me the next day at school. For urgent and more serious issues I will call your directly in inform you of an incident.

We will be making a big effort to reinforce our school snack policy this year. Please make sure to send your child to school with a healthy snack. No candy, soda, gum or caffeinated drinks will be allowed on campus. This includes the period of time when your child is on campus before school starts and A Plus after school. These food items will be treated as contraband and will be confiscated by an adult. Please refer to our school handbook in regards to rules and consequences. Because of problems with students eating snacks outside of the designated snack area during recess, we will also be confiscating snacks that are being eaten out of the designated “snack area”. Should this happen, your child will be able to collect their snack at the end of the school day. Myself and the rest of the school staff and faculty will be teaching and reviewing the snack policy and consequences with the students.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.