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Mrs. Jennifer Sueoka

Aloha Haʻaheo Community, Family & Friends,

Welcome back to school Haʻaheo ʻOhana! It was a very quiet summer break, so it is very nice to have the students and teachers back on campus.

This year, we continue to have the combo class that has now moved from grades 3 & 4 to grades 4 & 5. The teachers are Dorothy Teramoto, Helena Costa and Brandi Mahuna. It has been a smooth transition as the students are already accustomed to rotating classes from last year. 

Please continue to follow the parking lot etiquette and procedures that  was sent home in the first day of school packets. We understand that it can be a very busy time, but it takes all of us to make our pick-up process move quickly and efficiently. We would also like to remind anyone who parks in the grassy area (above our parking lot) to keep an opening for other cars to enter and exit. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to alleviate any potential problems.

Our unofficial SBA (Smarter Balanced Assessment) scores are in. We scored 49% in ELA (English Language Arts), 36% in Math and 65% in Science. While, we made a 7% gain in our ELA score and a 4% gain in science which are celebrating, we dropped 5% in Math. Our school-wide focus last year was to raise our ELA score. We are continuing to work on ELA this year and will also work on raising our math scores this school year.  Our SBA targets for 2018-2019 school year are 54% in ELA, 56% in Math and 66% in Science. We are taking the necessary steps and have systems and processes in place to do our best as we move the school and students forward this year to meet our goals. We ask that families also support our efforts at home by getting your child(ren) to school on time, ready to learn everyday, and continue to support their academic progress at home.

Now through September 11, please remember to support our school (Haʻaheo: #5) by giving your Kōkua i Nā Kula points while shopping at KTA Superstores. In return, Haʻaheo receives a donation which is put to great use for our students. This year, we will also be partnering with Hawaiʻi First FCU to incorporate a savings program for our students. Deposits days will be on the first Tuesday of each month starting on September 4th at Room A-8. It is much like a Christmas Savings that the students will be able to redeem at the end of the school year.  Please refer to the permission form sent home in today’s Tuesday folder for more information.

Please feel free to call or stop by, as my door is always open. I am looking forward to working with all of you this school year!



Mrs. Jennifer Sueoka






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