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Homework Policy

I  will be offering weekly homework assignments as extra credit only. The current body of educational research has shown that homework at the elementary level has little benefit. That being said, time spent with your child engaged in meaningful activities is critical to building a base of knowledge they need to engage material presented in class.  Please use this time to enjoy reading with your child, or exploring areas of interest.

Extra credit homework will be assigned every Tuesday.  Your child will have a week to complete the assignment. Should you choose to have your child complete the Extra Credit Homework, you will need to sign for the work that your child completes and return the sheet to school the following week.

Students who complete the extra credit homework will earn an additional 3 GLO tickets a week. There will be no negative consequences for students and families who choose not to do homework.  You and your child may instead choose to spend time engaged in after school extracurricular activities and positive family time.  

 Extra credit homework will be assigned starting 8/17/21.