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School Counseling is a student support service that Ha'aheo Elementary School offers all students. 
It is one of many student support services which are provided as part of our school's comprehensive student support system (CSSS). 
The purpose of school counseling program is to promote academic, social/emotional, and college and career readiness for all students. 
Connect with me also on Twitter @haaheocounselor
I will be out of the office during the months of November and December on Maternity Leave. Michelle Nako is my substitute. She can be reached at counselorsub@haaheoel.k12.hi.us

Recent Posts

October is Bullying Prevention Month

Grades K-6 will be taking a stand against bullying this month. Guidance lessons this month will focus on teaching students how to spot bullying and how to stop and prevent it from happening. There are lots of resources available for parents. Please click on the bullying tab for more resource sites. www.stopbullying.gov

Grades K,1 and 2 are learning and reviewing the Purple Hands Bear Pledge. "I will not use my hands or words for hurting myself or others." This pledge is part of a violence prevention program call the hands project. Find more information on www.handsproject.org 
Student Council Officers Introduce themselves:  "As a student I believe that it is very important to push yourself to do your best and improve. I chose to run for Vice President because I though it was a good opportunity to build confidence and practice my leadership skills. I love to help get things done and I think I would love to contribute to making fun things like the fall festival and spirit week possible even more." Kaya Long, Student Council Vice President
Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Student Council Officers! Emma Naukana-Christensen (President), Kaya Long (Vice President), Kiara Paaluhi (Secretary), Stephanie Hirowatari (Treasurer), Kumule Tioganco (Sergeant at Arms). 
Great job to all the students who courageously ran for student council office this school year!!! I am so proud of all the students who ran for office. All of them were respectful kids whether they were voted in or not. Great job!!!

September Guidance Classes - Focusing on "Pilina"

Guidance Classes have started for Grades 4-6 and will begin for grades K-3 the week of September 6th. This month, students will be building "Pilina" or connections/relationships with each other. That way they will have a foundation to build on when working together in teams throughout the year. Getting to know one another is key to understanding and appreciating similarities and differences. 

Student Council Officers will be campaigning this week from September 6-9th. Campaign rules state that any items that are given to other students must be made from school supplies that are from a teacher or counselor at school. Campaign items must be school appropriate and respectful.  Elections will be held on September 12.
As part of the MindUp curriculum, students in Grade 2 are learning about the 3 parts of the brain (amygdala, prefrontal cortex (PFC), and hippocampus) that helps them to manage their emotions, make good decisions, and learn. They will soon be learning strategies on how to calm their amygdala so that their PFC can be their wise leader to make choices and then store lots of learning in their Hippocampus. 
Sanoe Rapozo our student council Vice President was our co-emcee at our Fall Festival! Awesome Job Sanoe!
Student Council President Kanoe Polido was a participant and Emcee at this year's Fall Festival Talent Show. Way to go Kanoe!
Student Council President Kanoe Polido along with Third Grade Class Representatives Stephanie Hirowatari and Rylee Ragasa collect canned goods donations at Ha`aheo's annual Food Drive which is held at our Fall Festival. Food is donated to The Hawai'i Island Food Basket. This year 359 pounds of food was donated! Thank you to everyone who donated this year- it was a record amount!!!
Sixth grader Zamar Brees created this poster which says, "Kindness Rules". It includes images of fire and waves. 
Lessons on Kindness are part of Ha`aheo's Bullying Prevention efforts. Sixth Grader Rani Williams creates a poster as part of her Great Kindness challenge. The poster includes Anti-Bullying messages along with what TO DO instead of Bullying others. 
Sixth graders start their Great Kindness Challenge in Guidance Class on Tuesday November 17. They are making hearts for others and posters to spread the word about kindness.