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Welcome to School Year 2016-2017

I am thrilled to be able to spend time with your children this year. Check back on the website frequently because we will be posting photos and information about our adventures!

One of our Outdoor Balloon Car Races

This was an awesome race because Conrad's car took off like a flash, while Elijah's barely moved...UNTIL...it started to move! And move, and move, and move. Physics in action!

Frankenstein Radioplay

The 6th graders performed a radioplay of Frankenstein under the direction of Mr. Gary Young. What a wonderful experience!

6th Graders Build Balloon Cars

As part of our physics studies, 6th Grade designed and redesigned Balloon Cars. Thank you, Chloe! for making this video for us.

Balloon Cars: Round One

Today we held our Round One races for our Balloon Cars. Cars were raced in the categories of Distance, Alignment, and Speed. Stay tuned for more pictures once we get them uploaded. Round Two will also happen soon. Students may make modifications on their designs for Round Two.