Behavior Management Plan

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

In an effort to support positive student behavior in class, several incentive activities are in place.

Red, Yellow, Green Chart: Student names are placed on a chart similar to that of a traffic light with areas of green (Yay, I'm following all rules.), yellow (I need a reminder.), and red (I need another reminder to change my behavior.). All students who end up in the "green" at the end of the day receive a ticket to apply to a weekly drawing for a prize from the treasure chest.

Students who end up in the "red" at the end of the day will complete a letter home to parents. Parents should sign and return it to school the next day.

"Flat Bears":  Table teams receive "flat bears" for following classroom rules and expectations.  When a specified number of "flat bears" is accumulated the team may have lunch/recess in the classroom.

Ha'aheo All-Star Bucks:  School-wide incentive program to promote positive student behavior.  Students are given All-Star Bucks by school faculty when caught demonstrating a positive behavior, linked to our GLO's.  Students who accumulate a specified number of All-Star Bucks by the end of each quarter receive or participate in an incentive.