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Ha‘aheo School Garden

Haʻaheo School Garden is a great outdoor learning space for students to explore their natural world! Students work together to observe, grow and harvest fresh produce. 
A few highlights from the 2019-2020 school year are:
  • Fall festival where students worked to harvest, cut and dehydrate dried bananas to raise funds for the garden program
  • Starting new seeds and getting to plant them in the garden
  • Creating garden art using natural products
  • Planting new kalo beds
  • Learning about pollinators
  • Making fresh orange and tangerine juice
  • Trying new foods including ʻulu, mamaki tea, tomato sauce, coconut candy, fresh coconut water, and much more fresh produce from the garden
  • Develop a compost system
  • Harvesting of sweet potatoes
  • Haʻaheo Spring Harvest program
We look forward to continuing the garden program and encouraging students to be connected to the places they live!